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~~~~ Awesome work everyone! The group has finally reached 600 members!
And to celebrate, we're having a contest, our group is large enough to have a mascot now, so we're asking you to design a mascot. There will be huge prizes!

What exactly is the 600 member celebration cheetah mascot contest?
:bulletyellow: If you've never heard of a mascot contest, its where members (you) design a something (in this case a cheetah) to represent the group


Rules And Requirements

:bulletblack: The design shouldn't be too unnatural, and the animal should be pure cheetah, no hybrids! (but you can make the cheetah a giant cheetah, king cheetah-or any other mutation- Namibian cheetah, Iranian cheetah, American cheetah, or a regular African cheetah)
but remember to make it unique! not just any normal cheetah XP

:bulletyellow: Submit the finished mascot to the contest folder in the gallery, or else it may not be judged

:bulletblack:you can submit up to three designs

:bulletyellow: You must include these things on your mascot's reference picture ~

~ Full body picture with multiple perspectives (views) of the body and markings
~ A definition of their personality (such as 'they are very energetic and always ready to explore')
~ and you must include in the description the contest you're submitting to

:bulletyellow: and lastly, have fun and DFTBA!

:iconcheetahplz:  Prizes :iconcheetahplz:

1st place: 5 drawings from listed artists, 200 points, and a feature in the group blog, and in the custom forever

2nd place: 4 drawings, 50 points, feature in the group blog

3rd place: 1 Drawing,  1 lineart,  feature in the group blog
(more prizes to come, keep an eye out! and donate some if you're feeling generous)

Drawing of the winning design

200 points for first place winner, 50 points for second place winner
Drawing of whatever desired for 1st place, color sketch for 3rd and 2nd place
Feature in the group!

20 points for 1st place winner
Flat drawing for 1st and 2nd place winners

Full color drawing for 1st place, sketch for 2nd place

1st place a colored drawing with up to 3 character and background, 2nd place a drawing with 1 character and no background and 3rd a lineart


Mascot contest by Raven-loon

Mascot Contest Entry by ShahirahLikesMilk

Emri of Miserly by lyoth737

Miki Character Sheet by TheLadyARP

Razi Ref by Asleri



Hayao - Contest Entry by khnite

Sanaa - TCA Mascot Entry by Nala15

Letti -Contest Entry- by JustAutumn

Reus for the cheetah archive by Cheet-su89

Felix ref by Rinermai


Haraka Character Sheet by DarkHeartSeer

CE: Kayode Ref Sheet by Art-by-Ling

Dash by ShadowsSearching

add yours!

Deadline December 9th

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